Tandy Hills Engagements - Stormie + Brandon


I met with Stormie & Brandon a few months back to chat about their wedding day, plan their engagements, Star Wars, and life, all while chowing down on wings, beer, and fried pickles. It was a match made in heaven.

Capturing photos in the middle of summer while the Texas heat beats you down with the strength of 10 industrial ovens can be hard. Not only do you have to battle sweat stains and frizzy hair, you also tend to get a little grumpy while you sit there getting roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey. Thankfully, we had the pleasure of capturing these two beautiful souls who endured all of that for the sake of love and one gorgeous sunset. We had such an amazing time frolicking through the brush and tall grass at this little nature preserve overlooking downtown Fort Worth. Yes we sweat our butts off, but we had a blast doing it!

We are so stoked to capture their wedding day (coming up soon!) and couldn’t be more excited for their future!

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