Big Rocks Park - Meghan & Clay


So this was our second time visiting Big Rocks Park and boy was it a jaw dropper. Meghan and Clay came to us wanting a bit of an adventure with their engagement photos, so I suggested we make the nearly 2 hour drive to a little place called Big Rocks Park. It's one of those "hidden gems" that are kinda a pain to get to, but absolutely worth it once your there. 

Right off the bat these guys were kicking off their shoes and just having fun running around and getting their feet wet ( Literally hah ) . It's always funny to hear people say "I'm so awkward in front of a camera", because we just sit back and watch them be some of the most photogenic people we've met. 

But in all seriousness, we loved getting to capture these guys together and can't wait till their big day when we get to document their "I DO's". So sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy Meghan and Clay's adventures together! :)