Wichita Mountains - Lacy & Nick


from the moment i met lacy and nick, i knew they were the type of people who would be down for an epic engagement adventure. We shared stories over brunch and they told me how much they loved biking, hiking, and everything else outdoor related. This was all i needed to hear to fall in love with these guys! 

I suggested that we do something a little different and make a road trip to the wichita mountains in oklahoma. they were immediately game and started making outfit plans and a weekend itinerary! 4 hours and some gas station snacks later and we made it to the top of Mt. scott. We stopped at every gorgeous spot we could find and ended the session in a field of blowing grass as the sun began to set. It was truly magical. 

Oh yeah, did i mention they brought their pupper along? No? well they did and he totally stole the show at the end. so sit back and enjoy our wichita mountain adventure. we hope you find these guys as amazing as we do! 


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