Quarry Coffee Bar

Quarry Coffee Bar is a mobile espresso bar based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Quarry was started earlier this year by our close friends Edgar and Kim. Their goal was to bring high quality coffee and genuine service to weddings and events. Edgar wanted his branding to be clean, modern, and with a touch of handmade, so he reached out to a local artist out of Denton, Texas, Justin Archer, to help him build the perfect bar. My wife, Kristi, happens to be a killer graphic designer and created the logo you see today. With all the elements brought together it was time for a launch! 

Our goal was capture both the bar, and the process of crafting a great cup of coffee. The bar is only a part of the business, and we wanted to showcase how dedicated Edgar and Kim were to their passion. Both Edgar and Kim have been hard at work every since and we couldn't be more proud to call them friends. Here's to the future guys! 

Cameron Cooper