Colorado Engagements - Kaitlin & Marshall


Wow. It's hard to put into words how amazing this weekend was. We met Kaitlin and Marshall through a local wedding planner, they were looking for engagement photos and a wedding day photographer.

We asked them if they had a location in mind for their engagement photos, something significant to their relationship that they would like to feature. Marshall proposed to Kaitlin on the edge of a mountain in Estes Park, Colorado! Cool huh?! I asked how he did it, how did they end up in Colorado? I mean, of course it's gorgeous! I just wanted to know more details ;) Come to find out that Kaitlin lives in Boulder, CO for college and will be graduating in December.

So of course I had to ask...
"What do you guys think of doing your engagements in Colorado? We can make a weekend out of it and hang out in the mountains!" 

They were game! So they flew my wife and I out to Colorado where we spent the next 3 days hanging out in Boulder and Estes Park seeing everything Colorado had to offer. We saw the changing Aspen trees, cold mist rolling through the mountains, and even heavy snow fall near a frozen lake. This was truly a dream. Obviously we snapped a few pics. ;) 

We loved every minute of the trip and couldn't be happier for Kaitlin and Marshall! Thank you guys for taking a chance on Outland and adventure, these photos are completely unique to you and your story and we're so grateful to have captured them.


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