getting to meet new people is
- hands down -
my favorite part of my job

I have been a photographer for over 10 years and i've been documenting weddings for 7. It's my dream job! I believe in making friends and connections with everyone we work with, and absorbing as much knowledge as possible along the way. But it hasn't been a perfect, easy journey. There have been plenty of ups and downs, and in those moments I was so grateful to have friendships and mentors in my circle to support me along the way. that's why we are so excited to begin the mentorship part of our business, to share what we have learned and strengthen our community! 

these lesson plans are crafted for your needs and your goals. we want to help you find your style and make a name for yourself! I will be completely unfiltered, and I'm so excited to share my knowledge and help you on your journey. Browse the class options below, and fill out the contact form when you're ready to get learnin'!



skype date

$150 per hour

Whats included: 

  • open q+a time
  • customized syllabus for note taking

This session is perfect to those who have a busy work schedule or out-of-towners who are looking to build upon their photography knowledge. In the contact form (below) you can specify what topics you want to discuss, then I will send over a basic syllabus to give our learning time some structure. These session are hourly based, so feel free to book as much time as you need! 



Gear workshop

$150 per hour

Whats included:

  • open q+a time
  • customized syllabus for note taking
  • follow up phone call to discuss progress

look, We get it. Jumping into photography can be overwhelming at first. trust us, We've been there! Our gear workshop is catered to those who are interested in purchasing their very first DSLR, or for those looking to get more comfortable with the equipment they already have. whether you're a hobbyist looking to upgrade, or a passionate creative working towards building a business, we are here for you! We will cover everything from camera settings and lighting, to trends in the industry, and how to get the most out of your gear. This course is available through both skype, and one-on-one to those in the DFW metroplex. this session is hourly based, so feel free to book as much time as you need! 



styled shoot

starting at  $500+
price varies based on booking models + venue fees

Whats included:

  • introductory meeting to discuss your goals
  • styled photoshoot - 2 hours
  • editing & workflow - 2 hours
  • sexy images to add to your portfolio + social media
  • portfolio or website review
  • customized syllabus for note taking  

These one-on-one sessions are our bread and butter! for this adventure, you will join us on a styled shoot in the DFW area. we will walk through all of our tips, tricks, and pointers, covering everything from coordination with the couple, location scouting, posing, getting comfortable with the gear, and of course, capturing beautiful images. 

We will begin the day at a local coffee/pizza joint and go over your chosen subjects. After we discuss your goals, we will travel to the shooting location and begin photographing! We will assist in posing, camera settings, lighting, and how to make the couple feel comfortable in front of a camera. all of the images from these sessions are YOURS to keep, so don't be afraid to take too many! 

after the shoot We will then go over topics such as: backing up your files, image organization, workflow, culling, editing in Lightroom and photoshop, and finding your personal style. This is where you will be able to build your portfolio with the images and we can practice editing together. 

We will cap off the night with some of your most important Q & A's and a portfolio review to help you target your ideal couples! 



Let's do this!

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